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Question:after you finish studying to be a optometrist, will the school help you to get a job after graduation??

Most colleges have a Career Services department which will assist graduates with looking for a job. That being said, the student will still have to do their own search. Most Career Services depts I have seen in action will post positions for students to look at, keep a database of resumes to send to employers, and assist with writing the resume. Career Services will not watch for positions posted on other websites (like Monster) or in the paper. If the employer doesn't send it to them, you will not hear about the position from the college.

Be prepared to do your own job search. Good luck!
Probally not. I would ask.
i donot think so. the school has no relation with that
Great question to ask their admissions officer. Any school worth its salt will have career advising and placement services.

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