About community college?

Question:I will be an international student attending a community college and i was wondering can they decline you? If so, for what reasons?

As long as you can provide them with whatever legal documentation they require, they will probably admit you. You might have to pay to get your transcripts interpreted and evaluated by a 3rd party agency, colleges won't do that for you. Also, nursing is a competitive program so you will have to meet whatever standards the program area has in addition to the overall college requirements.
Community colleges usually don't decline anyone. If you have the dollars for the tuition and have passed your entrance tests then you will be good to go. Returning students will be given first choice of classes.
It actually will depend on whether it is an open admission program. If it is, there are virtually no declines. If it is not an open admission, well then you would be required to apply for admission, and the Admissions Office would evaluate your record and application and determine if you can enter. Some 2 year military colleges have various requirements. Some 2 year Technical Colleges have prerequisites for their programs. If you are looking at a Liberal Arts program, chances are it is open admission. Show up and start taking classes, just bring the money; for the open enrollment programs are about the money.
you know what I have discovered? Usually NO schools reject any international applicants. Mainly because you pay so much damn money to be there, you are paying for two students yet you only take up one desk ; )
Ive done a lot of travelling etc, and ive met many people who are international students. For example if you apply to an ENglish as a second language program you basically never get rejected.
Obviously, if you arent qualified, for example have terrible grades or lack some prerequisite that is unavoidable(but often even this is overlooked and universities help international students catch up-look into that if you feel you might be at risk)
Also, if you are applyuing to a highly competitive program in a university theres a high chance you might not get in, but that also goes for the native students too.
I assume the only other case is if you have some sort of legal trouble.
Otherwise, dont worry, especially at a junior college, Im sure youll be ok!
no, they will not decline u..everyone is welcomed there.
Generally they won't decline you, but you can expect very few classes of any stature the first semester until you matriculate and get in to priority registration.

So you enroll, hope people drop and you can apply and take their places (it happens a lot) and maybe get 9 credits the first semester and then you get your pick of the litter in the next semester.
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