About cambridge?

Question:i'm belgian and i would like to commence my studies at that university (medecine) ,is the living cost(or tuition cost )expensive ?

The intake of undergraduates to medicine at Cambridge is less than 300 but there are about 1500 applications in a typical year. If you have been offered a place at Cambridge, do everything you can to go there. Borrow money from anyone who will lend it. Try to earn as much money as you can before commencing. Try to get scholarships or bursaries if you are a high grade student with excellent grades already. You will have to pass the Bio-Medical Admissions Test in addition to your school-leaving certificates and other qualifications.

Cambridge is one of the most attractive cities in the world although some undergraduates think it is boring by comparison with London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome. But it is a lot less boring that Brussels, Berlin, Copenhagen, Geneva in the opinions of others.

It will cost you the same to live there as if you were in London, and with fewer amenities such as nightlife, rapid transport. major airports, employment opportunities. Allow at least £200 (300Euro) per week for accommodation, simple food, travel, clothes and so on - not including alcohol, cigarettes, clubbing. Allow an additional £500 per year for books and equipment. The total will be about £7500 (11200Euro) for the academic year. If you smoke, give it up - good for your health and you'll be a lot better off financially.

The medical undergraduate programme lasts 5 or 6 years, so you will be making a big financial investment.

The tuition cost is the same for all undergraduates resident in European Union and you can get details from the university website. In 2008, the University of Cambridge will charge tuition fees of £3,070 (4600 Euro) and that will rise a little each year.
For medicine, yes.
Cambridge is an expensive city, yes. With two universities and all the hi-tech industry, accommodation is at a premium.

It's lovely, though.

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