About credit hours?

Question:i'll be a freshman this fall and ive been advised to take 12 credit hours-is that a good amount?
and my parents want me to go in with a undecided major and im thinking about declaring my major (atmospheric science) 2nd semester or just next year because either way i'll just be taking the basic classes..right?

12 hours is good for a freshman. I took 12 hours my first semester and I adjusted well to college. If you do well you can take 16-18 hours next semester. You will be taking basics but if you already know your major your advisor will mix your classes to make it easier. Good luck!
well i would not over stress yourself too much i would go in undecided bc if you do that you will not get hurt when you want to change a major can you will be free with no harm when you want to change. i would take at least three classes at a time just to see how you handle the classes bc some classes are killers and some are so easy that you have no problem at all.
I would def go a semester or two before declaring a major. It will give you time to get to know the programs a lil better. 12 credits is 4 classes. each class will meet 3 times a week for 1 hour. I would go 15 if you want to graduate on time. Plus if you decide to withdraw from a class mid semester, that still leaves you with 12 credits. Have fun!!
12 credits is the minimal amount that you can have to be considered a full time student. If i was you for the first semester i would do only 12 credits and see if you can handle the work load..if you can and still have plenty of time left over then next semester try to take more credits. as for the major...be undecided at least for this semester. I changed majors my second semester in college and did not lose any credits because they were basic classes. when choosing a major make sure it is something u really like and are willing to use it for the rest of your life...good luck in college!
Thats ALL? If your degree calls for 120 hours to graduate --that means 5 years --- if you only take 12 hours a semester. My students take 15-18 - I've had a couple take 24.
You may want to take more than 12 credit hours. If you were a good student in high school (B or better) you will be able to handle college if you put your mind to it. I took 18 my first semester and have no regrets. If I were you I would do at least 15.
It's fine if you go in undecided. Just check your course handbook and talk to your advisor to make sure you won't get behind in your tentative major. Try to take the intro classes in that program because most of the time they are only offered in the fall, not spring.
Good luck in college!

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