About NUS?

Question:1.What are the minimum criteria to get INTO NUS?
2.How were the A level student posted to university?
3.How many subjects were there in JC?
4.How were the marks calculated in A level?
Well... Thanx a bunch!

1) generally, you need a minimum of a full A level certificate to apply to NUS, that is 2 'A' level passes and 2 'AO' level passes. Frankly, if you only have these passes, you are not likely to get into any program in NUS as competition is tough. I would say average grades of Bs and Cs for all your 'A' level subjects and passes in General Paper and Mother Tongue (these are the 'AO' level subjects) should get you into the faculty of arts and sciences.

For law and medicine, straight As are expected.

2) When you apply to NUS, you will provide NUS with your 'O' and 'A' levels results (NUS can also verify them with MOE). Placements (vary with different programs) is dependent on your results. Some programs will require an aptitude test (eg psychology, social work) and interviews (eg. architecture, law, dentistry, medicine).

3) There are many 'A' level subjects to choose from in JC. There are 2 main streams: Arts and Sciences. Depending your interest, you may pick combinations of arts and science subjects. You must select at least 3 'A' level subjects.

4) The grading system is available on the Singapore MOE website (www.moe.edu.sg). I'm sorry I can't remember the actual grading system (it's been too long).

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