2.75 gpa freshman year in college?

Question:give me ur opinion... good bad or ok

Eck... not good at all. Grade inflation is just too rampid in higher education for anything under a 3.0 to be considered "good".

Now that I've chimed in with my opinion, it's time for you to take stock. Are you really doing everything you can to bring in good grades? Were you really devoting 3 hours out of class for every hour in class? Were you overly distracted? Were you spending more time socializing than in the library?

You now have two options... if you know that you were slacking off, you now have 3 years to really boost the GPA. If you were not... you really need to examine if you are in the right school or the right program. If you think the college you are attending is too challenging or your major is too rugged, you need to look into transferring before your GPA slips to the point where this is not an option.

Good luck... none of us can tell you if a 2.75 is the best that you can do.
2.75 GPA in your freshmen year simply means you need to study a bit more to get it up.
could do better, i know pepole who have graduated with a 4.7
If on a 4.0 scale you almost have B average. I would say pretty darn good and congrats.
ok, not great, not bad at all
Depends if you want to go to grad school. If You WILL be competing for a spot in Grad school, you must do better.

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