About living on campus?

Question:I am thinking about transerring to a four year college. When I transfer to the our year college I will be 25 years old. Will they let me life on campus? What is the age limit of living on campus?

Also, living on campus usually requires the purchase of an expensive meal plan, that doesn't usually provide very satisfactory meal options. So if you enjoy cooking for yourself, or eating on your own time, you may want to get out of living on campus.

Don't forget you also get a 17-18 year old roomate, have to deal with their new transition, and their life.
Most schools don't have age limits for their on campus living. However, I'd ask to live with the grad students so that you are aroung people more your age.

Good luck with your education!
I don't think any colleges put an age limit on housing situations. You may consider if you want to be completely surrounded by 18 year olds on their own for the first time and getting drunk all the time.
I'm sure they'd let you live on campus. Most likely, they would try to pair you up with someone closer to your age. Most colleges have separate freshmen dorms, so as a transfer student, you might have the option of living with graduate students around your age.
Many times you can live in apartments on campus instead of the dorms, which are nicer than the dorms also.

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