A few questions about RN, Pre-med,med school, and Medical Careers options?

Question:The school i plan on attending in the fall has a major in nursing and also a pre-med trackplan. Is it possible to take the pre-med plan and also get a BSN and still graduate in 4 years. Because some of the core classes overlap but not all. Also, can you become an RN and still go onto Med school? Because i heard that with all the nursing shortages, no med school would pull an RN out of the field.What other medical career options can i take with 4-6 years of schooling that pays well and is also fulfilling, because I'd like to become a doctor but don't like the idea of being broke for the next 10-12 years.

If you can afford to go to school for up to six years, consider either pharmacy school or physical therapy school. Physical therapists now go directly through a PhD program, bypassing the BS degree. It's difficult to get into a program and there is often a wait of a couple of years, but you should check out the requirements and take appropriate courses in college. It's a great field to get into and pays very well.

You can become a pharmacist within about 5-6 years, depending up the degree. Obviously, achieving a PharmD would be best as you would earn the most and be eligible for some very interesting jobs.

If you want to become an RN, you can get your BSN and then later specialize as a Nurse Practioner. You can also go to Nurse Anesthetist school, which takes about two more years. The average pay is well over 100K a year, which is comparable to what some physicians make.
You can major in anything and get into medical school. Major in something you like and something that will get you the grades. That rumor you heard has no truth. Physician's assistant, physical therapist, there are tons of alternate career options.
Can't speak to your curriculum and what classes will overlap or how long you may have to go to school with the pre-med track but you can most definately get your RN degree and still go to med school whoever told you that no med school would pull an RN out of the workforce is uninformed. My best advice if you really want to be a doctor is to get an associates degree in nursing .get your RN license and work as an RN while you change your focus to med-track.
Good Luck with your future.

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