1. I'm a 19 year old boy, how can I get sex in college?

Question:2. Also, is sexual activity allowed in the college classroom, if not, what could happen if 2 students were having sex in the college classroom? What would happen to them?

1. By giving really good back rubs, and keeping your mouth shut about the sex.

2 No sex in class rooms. Nope. Never.
What the hell

you find a girl that likes you and you better not treat her like you never cared

if you have sex in class you're really inconsiderate and you'll get kicked out of class, basically find a private room if you have any brain or get somebody to show one to you

such mindlessness
1. How? Depending on your preference, it would be prudent to join a club/society where you might meet individuals you find attractive. The college bar is also a good place.

2. No. The same rules apply in college as anywhere else. You may even be arrested for lewd behaviour.
If you don't know by now , talk to a friend ...
First off lose the boy!! Men get sex and boys get hugs. Have confidence and things will work themselves out. Good Luck , and remember you Don't have to lick it to stick it!!
if you are smart and in college, you wouldn't have to ask this question.
no sex in class room
1- Please don't call yourself a boy. No one wants to be a pedophile...but some priests.

2- If its your fantasy. wait until the end of the year most classrooms are empty then bam!
Why are people wasting their time answering this stupid question? Anyone who would ask is getting none, except maybe as a demonstration of immorality in a philosophy class.

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