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Question:I am really stressed now. I just finished my junior year and what is killing me is my GPA. I already know everything else that is important like Community service, and SAT scores. My dream is to go to Yale Law School. I made straight A's my sophomore and junior year. But what is stressing me out is my GPA for my freshman year which is a low 3.5625. I took all regular classes my freshman year and my sophomore year I joined an advance placement program. My GPA unweighted is about a 3.875 and my GPA after my senior year I’m estimating 3.89. I just don’t think I have the right GPA. I know I have got everything else down: I have hundreds of community service hours, great SAT scores, a few of awards, etc. What do you guys think about my GPA.

Same thing happened to me. I had a 3.0 my freshman year, but then got a 3.8 last year and a 4.1 this year.

The good thing: Colleges notice improvement. They know that the first year is when you are getting used to high school and that everything should be lowest then.
If you ask me it sounds like you just want us to congratulate you for your "low" GPA
Try not to stress so much. There is nothing you can do about your freshman year GPA. concentrate on your senior year and do your best. Everything will work out!
Matt, I work in admissions at a state school and your GPA sounds great! but Yale Law school is somewhere you go AFTER you complete undergrad.
You sound like you have a great chance of getting in to a top notch undergrad program, but applying to law school will only come after a few years of hard work in undergrad. Keep up the good work and get straight A's in undergrad!!
haha you must drive yourself insane
and you must know that is not a bad gpa..
You're not getting into Yale, ok.
Lol, I'm just joking.
Your GPA is pretty decent.
What I would do.. is check out the school's website and the statistics of the students admitted. But honestly, you've got to make sure you make straight A's next year. Tough competition.
Have your pops bribe them, er... give them a grant. You'll be a shoe-in then.
Otherwise, you have a great GPA. Depending on what you mean by your community service hours, great SAT scores, etc, you should be able to make it as is.
If need be, get an undergraduate degree somewhere else and attend graduate school at Yale.
If you don't get in your first try, apply again every semester. If you keep proving yourself, you will get in.
I couldn't tell you anything except to put forth as much effort as possible into getting a near perfect GPA. If you are already putting as much effort as possible to getting perfect scores on every test, and you are still not bringing it up, I would look at your goal. No one can be perfect in everything. You should realize too that you might be sacraficing a lot to get into this school, and that this won't stop once you get into that college.
After that being said, I think your GPA is good, but there are better out there. You should devote more time to studying, while taking some demanding classes. Make sure that in all your assignments you are going above and beyond expectations. Just don't stretch yourself beyond your limits.
Yale may seem like the peak, but don't stress yourself out about it.
Oh, and remember to have fun! (Because when you get to Yale Law School and adult life, there won't be much time for it. )

Hope this helps.
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