A bit of an educational dilemma - please help!?

Question:this will be for UK folk only as they will undertsand what i mean.

Ive got my chemistry a level exams in the morning - literally 8 hours from now - and I know im not going to do well - trust me, no amount of pep talking is gonna help me - im gonna fail.

so I was sitting here and considering my options. I have done biology intensive all year, so will hopefully have the full A-level when the results come as I feel my biology is quite ok. But I have applied for uni to do biological / molecular / sciences. Basiclly the dilemma is this.

should i leave chemistry out of the equation all together when applying? i say this because if I apply with it, they will prob give me an offer and that will depend on my result, which I know will be crap. Also I think not to do the exam because if I dont get in this year, and I apply for 2008, that new rule where they will know whether you have done resits will apply - so they would see my disasterous results from this year.

also Im 21

Don't be so negative!
See how you do in your Chemistry first, then take it from there
You might want to go to bed too. It's late & how dya expect to do your best without sufficient sleep?
I think that it is worth doing exams when you feel ready as if you don't feel ready then there is no point working yourself up about it as it will not help. I have just put my law finals off as I was not ready, (due to events beyond my control) and although I am annoyed about not finishing, its only going to be a few extra months and its worth it to get a decent grade.

I screwed up my A-levels and I don't put them on my CV now as they just look really bad. However I did a HND which got me into uni, and had work experience, and was a mature student (23 when started uni).

I don't know what your situation is but I would suggest that you take it and not worry, you never know, with that mentality you might do better than otherwise. Or take it next year instead and put uni of for a year. You are still young enough for an extra year not to make a big difference in the long run.

If you really think you will fail, then maybe you are right to not do it so you don't have to tell them. However, will you have enough points from the A-levels you do get? What about the re-sits? Can you just retake your exam in the summer or do they cap the marks like they do in a degree, without extenuating circumstances?

Good luck with it all.

If you will have three A-levels then you should be fine (I am a little out of date and I also don't know about science degrees) but I know that to do a law degree you don't need to have done a law A-level and probably if you had done a law A-level badly and had other good A-levels it would look worse than not having done the law at all. So it sounds like you are being sensible in that decision (assuming it works in a similar way).

Sorry I hope this makes sense, its getting late and I'm not sure if it does!
Stop panicking
Put your head on the pillow and don't worry about what qualifications you will get.
If you are second guessing yourself now you will second guess all your life.

MCSA (Microsoft certified systems administrator) or GOD
untill you've sat through that coursework and those exams believe me.
Take a deep breath see how well you do then decide.
It might seem as if the rest of your life is riding on these qualifications it isn't relax your still just a kid try and get some kind of sleep.
Second guessing never did anyone any good.
Good luck.
Added to:

Go to Bed

Go to Bed
If you can think more positively it WILL help. But I know that is far easier said than done. You are very obviously a brighter than bright person, but maybe because of that you feel more pressure to do well. (There is somebody close to me in a similar situation, but younger, so sorry if this sounds like nagging but I think I can see where you're coming from...)
Look, whatever anybody says it's gonna feel like they're nagging, moaning, blah blah...so here's my best advice for now.
Give your best in the exams. Then you'll have acquired one thing & have a better than average chance of achieving the next - i.e: You will have better self-esteem, which may lead you to decide that whilst you are very capable at those subjects, you may be better suited in yourself to do something completely different. Chill out with friends etc. if poss or get out of the house a bit. Don't mean to sound patronising, but anything that unwinds you a bit now & then...
Don't get too lazy though.

Give everything you do your best shot. There's more to life than can be read in books! And you certainly seem to have the braincells to deal with it. Remember that whatever walk of life you choose, you will probably have to deal with OTHER people on one level or another.

Above all, have a sense of humour.
I really wish you well.

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