About getting a degree online?

Question:I was wondering how can I find out if I can get a degree online from a college? Does top colleges offer online degrees without ever gone to that college?

Congratulations on thinking about furthering your education, you won't regret it.

The state universities and community colleges will be the best and least expensive way to further your education online. Even if you have never been to college, you can still pursue a degree online. Usually degrees obtained online from state universities and colleges will be no different than a degree granted to a student sitting in class. You probably won't get a scholarship, but financial aid is possible.

Stay away from the for-profits because of high cost. Some will be reasonable, but most, like University of Phoenix, overcharge.

If you are just starting your college education or have less than 60 semester credit hours, try your local community college first. They may have an online AA degree program. If they don't, try other community colleges in your state.

Once you have an AA degree, you can enroll in an online bachelor's degree completion program at one of the state universities. Some state universities will also have AA degree programs if you can't find one at a community college. Many state universities now have online degrees. The following are some websites to get you started.


When comparing tuition costs, you have to check if the school is on semester or quarter credit hours. To convert from quarter hours to semester hours, divide the tuition by 0.67. For example, if tuition is $180 per quarter credit hour, that is equal to $268.66 per semester credit hour.

When you choose a school, make sure it is at least regionally accredited. You can check accreditation at http://ope.ed.gov/accreditation/search.a... You can learn more about accreditation at http://www.ed.gov/admins/finaid/accred/i...

Finally, there are a couple of forums online with members who have obtained their degrees online. Some have gone pretty far with their online degrees. The forums are free to join but you can read the forum without joining. You just won't be able to post. http://forums.degreeinfo.com and http://www.instantcertonline.com/forums...

Good luck

PS: Stay away from College Education search sites. Most are advertising driven and will direct users to for-profit, over-priced schools. Some will even direct users to unaccredited schools.
not sure but if you find out let me know - i would try googling though I also get alot of spam mail from online colleges never tried them out though..
I am getting my Bachelor degree online from South University, with their campus in Savannah, GA. They also offer to get your Master's but only offer online courses for certain degrees. (they also have associates online too). I have had great experience with them already. It is really easy to access your classes and to post the assignments. Good luck. Oh and my hubby is going through Colorodo Tech, but I dont know much about them. :)
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