3.0 GPA with Northwestern...?

Question:I have a friend who told me that it is possible to go to Northwestern University in Illinois. He proved that his counceler and his teacher told him that it is possible to attend Northwestern University with 3.0 out of 4.0 GPA in high school.

I dont think it is true but he was confident about that. He also said it is expensive to attend there. Do you know how much is that for a year?

I believe the student needs to get at least 3.5 or more GPA with high score in ACT with some outside activities. And I am pretty sure that Northwestern does not accept only (around) 3.0 GPA

Please let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading this!

Well, anything is possible.

Northwestern does not have minimum GPA requirements, however, they do look at class rank, ACT, SAT, and SAT Subject test scores too. If you got a perfect score on the SAT, then you might get in.

According to Northwestern's website (links below), the middle 50% of the Freshman class had ACT scores around 29-33, and the mean class rank was the 94 percentile. If your friend has a 3.0 GPA, but 90 percentile and a 35 on the ACT...

Of course, there are always Big Ten Athletic scholarships available. If your friend is a left-handed pitcher with an ERA under 2, or a linebacker averaging 20+ sacks a season, then anything is possible.
It is true that Northwestern looks for high GPAs and SAT/ACT test scores, but they also look at the full picture (community service, school activities, out-of-school activities, etc).

A 3.0 is an average GPA, but with an above average resume, essay, and letters of recommendation, a person may make it in.
A 3.0 GPA wouldnt cut it at NW.tuition is around $49k, and the 3.0 GPA is for transfer students, however more specifically "your gpa should be well above a 3.0".Northwestern is VERY competitive, so I doubt many freshman were accepted with a 3.0
Tuition is $35,500 at Northwestern, with room and board added in it's closer to $48,000ish.

If you check out www.collegeboard.com, you can get a full profile of the school.
You also need to take into account your essay, recommendations, extras, volunteerism...

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