9th grade what to do over summer?

Question:What to do over the summer to make it productive??

Read, keep up with your math, and try to have fun. 10th grade will be tougher and it keeps on going.
read some books, get a math workbook or see if the school has a math packett you are required to do over the summer, summer school would be good too if you are worried
Get a Job.

If you get a job now and stick with it, you'll be promoted to manager or assistant manager by the time college rolls around. This is good for two reasons.

1. A dedicated work position looks great on college applications.

2. A dedicated work position gets you money, and you will need lots of that in high school and college.
enjoy yourself. Read! Maybe see if you can find out what books the English teachers might be using next year and get a jump on those. Or read for fun. Depending on what courses you are taking, see if you can find some general information on the internet just to give you an idea of what you are in for. If you took a language and are continuing with it, or will be starting a language see if you can find something to keep up or improve your skills. Finally, look into getting a job. 10 or so hours a week is plenty at your age (I think!). It will give you some cash, responsibility etc.
Read two books: The House on Mango Street and The Pearl. These were recommended summer reading for my son and I read them too. Very nice stories. There was a third title but I've forgotten it. Get them at the public library.
One book I would recomend is "The Count Of Monte Cristo" by Alexander Dumas. It is extremely good. I hear it is a good movie, but I havn't seen it.
Also, go to collegeboard.com and look at the action plan. I am going to be a junior next year, and I'm going to try my best to stick to the junior action plan. It just seems like it will really help me prepare for college.
And most of all, dont forget... have fun!

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