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Question:Should my neice stay in highschool one more year, even though she is graduated. So she can get her associates of science degree. Because her school pays for it. Its a college high school.
Go ahead and go to the university of her choice?

Please tell her to stay for one more year and get her AS. It's free and she should be able to transfer her credits to a four year college. She is probably very bright and will achieve much in life. However, suppose she cannot begin immediately in the school of her choice or, worse, is unable to complete college. The future is never set in stone so we must be prepared for all eventualities.
I think the college high schools are a GREAT idea. Just think, only 1 more year and she has a college degree!! An associates will put her in good stead for transfer to a 4 year school.
Is there any reason to get an associates in science? If she's going on to get a science degree in college, she'll still need to take 4 years worth of bio or chem or physics courses, and I really don't see how an associates would help at all. It's pretty much meaningless if she's going to get a science degree anyway, and it most likely won't save her any time in college.
If she can earn college credits while she is still there then go for it. I would recommend that apply to several universities. If she can't get in to any of the college or universities that she has applied to then go ahead and stay another year and get the associate's degree in science.
stay in high school, only if she can get the degree for free. She would save so much money if she could do that. College is so expensive!!
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