A bachelors degree in education, is that a bachelors of science degree?

Question:I am in college now for education, and I am filling our applications...however, I don't know if my degfree would be a BS or a BA? I'm a secondary education major...please help.

I believe it would be a BA
your degree is a BED
Bachelor of Education
Its a B.A. ..B.S. is only if have taken a lot of science classes and going into that field.
It depends. Usually for Education I think the default is a BS. If you take several years of a foreign language, which is considered "over and above" then they will give you a BA. I think it varies from school to school a bit.

I have a BS in Elem Education.

Good luck.
Check with the School of Education, mine was a BS in Ed, but my Master's was an MA in Ed.
Ask your adviser, you should know that. Whether its BA or BS, it usually doesn't matter much unless your going into a field that is more sciency or more liberal arts. Each one has different core requirements, in my school the science means you take more science courses, the arts means you have to take language courses. Look at what your preparing to teach and make a decision with your adviser, even if its just sending him/her an e-mail.
I remember having the same question and I don't remember what I answered. Look at your school's catalogue of degrees and see if Education falls under Arts and Humanities. If it does, it's a BA.
hello mandy, ok.you are a BA, that means Bachelors in Arts, yes...Arts, you´ll be a teacher though, you are not a BS cause that would be science.I amtelling you cause I just graduated from college and I got a Bachelors in Arts (Early Childhood Education) so, you are a BA...teaching yup
One degree requires more foreign language than the other.

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