2 yeas community college or 4 years Uni if I hve plan to move out?

Question:My plan is I want to attend the nearest community college or Uni for 2 years and later I want to transfer other good university where i move.Coz My whole family have to move other state or other town in same state and I need to go with them too.That why I like to know (1) Community college' student only can transfer limited schools at same state or not? (2)should I go to my nearest 4 years uni and after 2nd year can i transfer any school from anywhere if i make a good grade.how can i deal ?

please answer me what should i choose and what should I consider?Thanks a lot!

I say go to the Local Community college like you plan and transfer to the University in the state in which you move. That sounds like a good plan. Make sure the classes are transferrable. Plus you will be saving money too and go in as a Junior.
it depends. some Comm college courses will not transfer to a university. To be save I think it is best to goto a university and then transfer.

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