A Level English Language?

Question:I did A level English a few years ago and i didn't come out with the best grade. Anyway i wanted to give it another go, but i can't do it full time since i'm already at Uni doing eng lit. I did an ICS biology course a few years ago, and although i did well it is really expensive. Anyway, my question is, can i do the course at home, without any help from anyone else? The only thing i would need is an up to date syallabus and someone to mark the Coursework and a venue to sit the exam. Anyway, if the questions makes sense please reply. Thanks.xx

Contact Open University. You can do whatever course you like and take as long as you want to get to whatever standard it is you want to achieve.
I do not know, but I wish you the very best of luck.
You have to contact an educational institute which is recognized by Cambridge
you can do the course at home easily and any help needs, refer library books and your educated relations or English lecturer for further reference.

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