24 (almost 25) year old needs help getting back in college. Lots of help please!!?

Question:Like I said I turn 25 in June and I really want to turn my life around and go back to college. I had been planning a career at one point in military or law enforcement and got a 2 year degree in criminal justice. However I recently developed asthma which makes these careers extremely hard to do. Afterwards I basically became depressed and just have been working a crap minumum wage job the last couple years.
I so badly want to break out of my funk now and try getting into something different but I don't know if it's too late now. I don't have any money for school, or know if schools will even accept me now after a break like that and start over with a new degree program. If anyone can offer some serious help or links dealing with these issues or how student loans work or may be possible I'd really appreciate it. I really want to do this but just have absolutely no clue what so ever how to do it or if it's even feasible now. Thanks for all of your help everyone.

Check out community colleges in the area. Many have open admissions policies for students. You very likely could find one that you can pay for with a minimum wage job. Look around too, try and find the best paying job you are qualified for. If you can't work and go to school, take night classes. My friend went through business night school in his thirties and now has a lucrative job at CAT. Either pick a job that you like that you could get with an associates degree, or work and transfer to a 4 year school. Some community colleges have automatic admissions into a 4 year school if your GPA is high enough. Good Luck
You can start off at a community college. They will accept you as long as you have a high school diploma or G.E.D. You can speak to a counselor their that can guide you. You can also apply for financial aid at www.fafsa.edu.gov Hope this helps.
P.S. by the way it's never too late for an education..
Like the others stated look into a community college. The counselors will help you with everything you need to know about financial aid. After 2 years you can transfer to a university to get a Bachelors.

You can get financial aid and student loans while still working. In fact, since you do work minimum wage you will have a good chance of getting a lot of money for tuition so I wouldn't even be worried about that. What kind of career are you looking into? If you're into criminal justice why don't you try majoring in political science. You can do lots of things with that kind of degree.

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