101 things you can do with a folder?

Question:I've just finished my uni course during which i filled a lever-arch folder with details about my training as did everyone on the course. I now want to make a list of 101 you can do with your folder. Any ideas? i have the obvious door stop, umbrella, step for short people. Thanks

I hope these give you some ideas towards your 101!

keep your papers in it and cut out a bottle shape inside so you can hide your drink during boring business meetings

Put it in a pillowcase for a partner you want to get rid of!

Torture equipment - well, have you ever trapped your finger in it when you shut it!

Cover it in silver foil and use it to tan under your chin

Foot rest - it is even at just about the right angle!

Table de-wobbler when one leg is very short!

Take out the lever arch bit and you have a splatter guard for a microwave

If you have two files, you could use the lever arch bits for curtain tie backs (I say two because curtains normally come in pairs.)

If the file is still full, you could use it for a book-end - after all, they are VERY heavy when full!

A weapon - while still full, keep it in your (very large!) handbag or briefcase and you can use it as a cosh.

Same lines - while it is full of paper, balance it on top of the door and when a baddie comes in, it will hit them on the head and knock them out

Cut off the front and back, put bulldog clips on and you have two instant clipboards

Fire guard for a very small fireplace

For those of you who still have them and go on camping holidays, a tent for dolls or teddies

as you have done ejukashun, why not a stand to hide behind so you can get away from the children!

Or make a lecturn to stand behind to preach rather than teach!

Because it is big and flat, it does not leave a big mark but hurts when you smack the children on the bottom when they misbehave

(back to my first one, the meeting will obviously be a lesson!)

Although you will need a lot more than one, you could use it to store all the stuff you are sent every day on new initiatives on teaching

I don't know what age you will be teaching but I know primary school teachers get one half day a fortnight to 'plan lessons' Well, I volunteer at my daughter's school and do their photocopying - but why is there not loads to do when they have done this? You could use this to keep lists of things you are doing on these half days, and on teacher training days!

Use it as a sandwich box - just use the lever arch bit to clip onto the bag holding your sarnies

Door jamb to keep the children out of the classroom - it will the easiest lesson you will ever teach

A desk banger to make the children pay attention to you and shut them up

'modesty board' when sitting at a table rather than a desk - but you will need a lot of blu-tack to hold it in place

'knee desk' when you do not have a table available - it is hard and at the right angle

I will keep thinking!

Oh, and congratulations for finishing your degree - I hope you got a good grade!
You have just finished uni and you are asking what to do with folders? Get out of your room and go and get very drunk you fool, you should have no memory of anything for 2 weeks after your final exam, or else you haven't celebrated enough
burn it
Lend it to someone who needs a folder
Give it to someone who needs a folder (reuse, recycle etc)
Keep your student loan statements in it
Use the lever arch rings as a cheap way of body piercing
Use it to clap at concerts when your hands get tired
well I'd have to say my first thought was bin it, burn it, rest your bottle of wine on it, but if its for a sketch then how abut taking some photos of it in different locations to show where its been on its travels - see how many different places you can take it and snap it with different people, etc. Failing that sell it on ebay

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