2 all u sensible people out there!?

Question:i am 17th and i am almost finishing high school next year 2 b exact.
i am concerned about the future . i have no clue what i want 2 b . my dad keeps asking me and tells me 2 b successful and earn a big degree.
but i dont in what .
i am adventrous and like to b risky.
please post serious answers only!!

I think people will post serious answers, when you learn to speak and/or type correctly. At least I know I would!
the easiest way to be adventurous and risky is to be financially secure. the easiest way to become financially secure is to be successful and earn a big degree. listen to your dad, i know old people all sound like idiots but they have gone through this before
I say, go... Get your pre-requisites out of the way (English, History, science, and maths) that will take about two years, and you will know what you want to do then hopefully... I have friends who are still figuring it out, and thats okay... They are going to have a great education from it, and wonderful jobs, b/c they explored all fields.
Go to college and take your general ed. classes. It will come to you. I change majors many times before settling on the one I graduated in.
have your dad set up a day at your state's biggest U and find out all the careers they train people 4 b4 U go, then spend a week there investigating! You cant be expected to know what to chose if you havent been shown what's available!!
I'm taking my niece whom I adopted last week there in 2 weeks to U of F at Gainsville and the profs are gonna show her the works -- she's 12 ! she wants to be a vet or a vet scientist -- we'll explore everything !!
I've kind of got to agree...I know that this might be appropriate for text messaging your friends, but if you want serious answers, especially about your college plans and future, you really need to use actual words and sentences.

As an upcoming senior, you should have already been researching colleges a year or two ago. Hopefully you've taken your SAT/ACT etc.? Checked into what the requirements are? Many colleges require a certain number of years for various subjects...2 consecutive years of a foreign language, various math/science/English requirements, etc.

You can wait until your sophomore year or so to declare a major, but in order to get into college, you need to make sure that your requirements are met and start getting your applications together. You have a lot of work to get done, so you may want to get online, find some colleges that interest you, and get to it. If you're in school, your guidance counselor can help you; if you're homeschooled, that's up to your parents to do.

And when you contact colleges...use actual words and sentences. Otherwise, many of them won't even respond.
Take your time you still have a year left. If you're sure you are going to college right after high school, spend time finding good schools and do your applications. If you're not sure do them anyway. That way next year you know you have the option to go to college. It's also possible that after high school you take some time off to discover what you really want. You are not even 19 yet, so you have time. Find a job, volunteer, do something that will help you discover what you want. Once you know what you really want to do, go to school and get your degree!

You also don't have to go to college. Sure, a degree can help you find a good job, but with a little difficulty you can do that on your own! Immediately after high school you can go out into the world and find risky jobs! There are plenty of them that don't require degrees!!

If you want to do a job that are adventurous and risky, be a doctor who helps people in Africa. You can be in the jungles and savannas where there are lions and cheetahs helping people who can give you malaria!!

And don't listen to the previous poster who trashed your writing style. I write like that on AIM all the time!

Hopes this helps!! =)
Go to www.review.com, sign up and take the their career quiz. I think that will give you some ideas on what you might want to major in.

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