UCLA USC NYU AFI show university requirements?

hey guys, i was wondering how much of my british results they will actually take into article and do i stand much of a chance. These are my predicted A-levels (i am sitting them next year, i am 17 at the moment)

Media - A
Maths - A
Film - A
Psychology - B
Photography (AS) - A

A subject equivalent to an A at A-level and a lot of small directing and motion picture making courses in the university of film london. Along with a huge amount of work exp surrounded by my year out including some with an editor of the mini TV series, 'Band Of Brothers' and 'Dr. Who' and the BBC.

Do I have to sit the SAT I tests, if i do - no problems in attendance. But the SAT II - Subject Test, I can handle the maths but I haven't studied the other choices that are on the list. Will the universities read this and because of my results in the UK won't mind as much? thanks :)

I am also working on my own projects at the moment but i understand UCLA doesn't pocket portfolio's.
Yes, you do have to take the SATs. Subject matter test help, but usually are not obligatory.

Most US colleges and universities follow A levels. They may let you get credit for some important courses where your A levels are quite honest. Source(s): university admissions committee member 15 years

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