16, pregnat, looking into college?

my girlfriend is 16 and i'll be 17 soon. We just found out that she is pregnant, and we are keeping the baby. We were both looking into finishing dignified school online, so we could be home with the baby, and i could rob up a more full time job supporting us, along help with our parents. We already enjoy a great support system which helps us a lot, and i know it's going to be a TON of work, and very rock-hard, but we work as a team. She was thinking of going to a community college to earn a 2 year degree, but her and I be wondering if she could be accepted by a university, and become a lawyer, that's what she really wants as her occupation. She get around a 3.4-3.8 gpa.
So even though we went to online school, to finish high conservatory, could she still be accepted into a University?

no unsolilicited advice

thanks for your time
If the online high school is appropriately accredited, you should be capable of go to a university afterwards. Talk to your guidance counsellor to find out your options. Depending on where you live, nearby may be more than online options. There may be programs in your high conservatory system which will allow you both to complete high school - you'd do it with a co-op or apprenticeship, so you can enter a trade, and she'd do it near low cost childcare. Please ask.

She can go to a university, or go to a community college. If she goes to a cc to bring back her associates, she can then transfer to a university. Her going to cc first will in no means of access prevent her from going to law school later on. So that's an entirely natural option. I also like ccs because they tend to offer subsidized childcare for students, so if you call for to, the child can be in their campus childcare center while she goes to school near.

I'd suggest that you also look at going to community college, and study something highly career related, that's within demand by employers, and that pays well. That includes several of the trades - electrician, plumber, etc., plus nursing, dental hygiene, radiological tech. These are things that thieve two years or less in cc to complete, and that really are in emergency, and that pay well.

The reason why I also want you to consider cc - to do a trade or a point - is because this will allow your baby the best chance at a bright future. If both you and the mom hold college or a trade, you will be far, far, far better able to provide for your kid.
Yeah she could totally do it. If she pulls of good grades she's guaranteed into a community college and she could then verbs to a university after doing good in community college. Or there is also a silver she could go straight to the university but yeah community colleges could save you some money though. Good luck!
Are you getting married You could in fact both go to a good school man married. If you are married, your parents don't count on financial aid. You can't earn anything the year before you want to go because those are the taxes you have to use to report. You would both get full max aid. If you picked a 4 year university that costs say 5,000 a semester you could afford to both pay tuition and live surrounded by one of the family (often called graduate housing) dorms. They are small apartments with two bedrooms or one bedroom and a nursery.

You can do anything you want as long as you enjoy good enough grades.

The best thing you can do is what I said here. You both win school completely for free plus a extra for living costs. You could get law arts school for free even doing the same thing. Neither of you can work or you lose aid. If you had any more question email me, I would be glad to let you know more.
i really think she can so good luck on the tot .
It depends on many factors. She should totally apply to seriously of different schools just in skin (and make sure she fills out a FAFSA before March 2nd of her senior year so she can receive financial aid). She has a great GPA which is good for her. Either way though, I would outstandingly recommend community college!!

She can get financial aid (they should give her money to live off of...since she have a child) and she can take many of the same classes she'll hold at a university but it will cost much less! I went to a community college and got my AA later transferred to a university and it was great. It was much easier and I saved sooo much money. Plus afterwards she will have much better chances of getting into a university.
You don't want "unsolicited advice", so OK, I won't give you any.

I'll just confirm this give or take a few your girlfriend (apparently not your wife):

*Yes, she can have a child and finish high school online.
*Yes, and be permitted into a university, and work hard for four-five years competing against other very bright and unencumbered students wanting to get into Law School.
*Yes she can be graduate next to a high GPA and High LSAT score.
*Yes, she can be accepted into a fully clad Law School for another three years of study and debt.
*Yes, she can do this all on a high school dropout's gross (yours), while rearing a child.

Yes, it's all possible, but Yes, you can also be hit by a meteorite from beyond Pluto tomorrow too...
I think it depends on the types of grades she could verbs off in the online high arts school. Getting good grades with a new babe-in-arms in the house might be tough. She could always use the community college as a backup plan if she can't keep her grades up surrounded by high school, and use the community college grades to prove she can hack it.

Best of luck to you both. You sound comparatively mature for a 16-year-old!

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