"I would approaching to know what I can do to sort 3,000.00 a month minus going to College?

Hello Everyone. I am 44 and still single. I hope to be married one day.. and to mabe... IF I am lucky have one child. This to me is most important above anything else. However.. until consequently this economy and job market have gotten tight and tough.. making it nearly impossible. I hate.. the medical field in adjectives aspects.. even with animal. I would not mind taking a shorter Vocational program. My main concern is to zero contained by on something I would like to do.. or love to do.. that makes me happy.. appropriate some educational classes mabe even a 2 year associates.. to get further.. make the money I call for to pay my bills and save to put down on a mortgage. I don't want to incur more College debt in my adjectives. An associate isnt too bad and there are some government programs that support with that. I don't know many hot areas. I love the arts.. but that may be unrealistic. I am taking classes now to work as an aide contained by a classroom but that pays very low. 9.00 or less an hour. I am worried I will sink soon. I am currently on unemployment have lost my job. Now .. is my time to put things into motion.. education wise. My resume will be equiped near minmum expense towards education.. but there is absolutely ...no path to surive on that. My goal that to me is realistic is to bring home after taxes 3000.000 a month. Not sure what occupations that fit. I am not into the robustness fields and my memory doesn't support that .. for nursing. I just don't like medical. I be thinking of taking some Wilton Cake classes but.. to spend the money on a hobby.. that may or may not lead to extra money or.. a work related connection... is that even worth it? Where I live in Wisconsin.. you hold to jump threw hoops and pay up.. to have a liscence or.. rent a place to roast cakes.. and I am not even sure.. since sweets are my weakeness if that is a good theory.. lol.. So.. as you can see.. I need some guideance.. so I can choose something good... that can bring me in money .. but that also make me happy.. Someone told me that graphic designers make alot.. but where on earth and in what area/invironment. I don't live in a big city.. but a mid size town. Suburbs. Horticulture.. but where would that return with me? I know someone who is in legal and hate it.. I enjoy a friend who is a RN and hates it and is so... stressed out. So.. I want to be happy. with what I choose. I also want to fashion 3,000.00 a month. That is what I need to survive without taking on 4 jobs. Massage psychiatric therapist is like nursing with the anatomy and can be hard. Spa buisness is adjectives commission like beauticians are.. So.. that is not hot with the reduction. I am so.. worried.. please help. Thank You All.. Very Much.. Hugs..
dental hygiene is REALLY good, but since you dont want anything medical......Prostitutes make a whooole lot

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