[CSU/UC] Does 3 year Recommended Foreign expression really make a difference a bit than the Required 2 yea?

Does 3 year Recommended Foreign language really makes a difference rather than have the Required 2 years when applying to a UC or a CSU colleges? i have only 2 years done. and is on my 3rd year right now. but i'm planning to drop the class and stay next to 2 years but my counselor isnt letting me. because i'm already college bound...... i want to know if 3 years really makes a difference in UC acceptences.

CSU = California State University
UC = University of California
It's not going to make or break your uncertainty of admission, but it contributes to your overall competitiveness. Source(s): I am a college admissions consultant specializing in the admission process of highly selective California public universities. Aside from advising students, I volunteer next to Berkeley and UCLA on high school outreach for in-state freshman admissions (I receive training on permission requirements and attend college fairs to promote the schools). I also volunteer to score Alumni Scholarship applications and interview the applicants (for the Los Angeles area) for both campuses. I received my BA from Berkeley and I be in a PhD program at UCLA.

I offer free academic advise and college/scholarship application review to California high school and transfer students who are planning to apply to outstandingly selective California public universities. You can contact me thru my web site if you need back planning your academic curriculum, choosing extracurricular activities, or writing your personal statement. Get the latest admission information at my web site: http://www.AskMsSun.com/
UC and CSU requires 2 years, but thats requirement to able to put your application to the university, having 3 years is recommended as adage recommended is putting you AT LEAST safe (meaning less likely to win rejected) in the acceptance process, but let me let somebody know you this now, right now UC/CSU will increase their subject and test requirement greater and also tutition....so its best you try to do 4 years of the same language (giving you a competitive edge against others) near good GPA (opinion: +3.5) with a decent SAT score (probably 2000+) and also good academic schedules (AP's/IB)

gttp (or win to the point) again: right now 3 years are not going to give you a competitive edge even compare to the second 2 years, so my suggestion is go do 3 years (as REQUIREMENT; UC will not look at applicant with just 2 years very soon...that ship has sailed even if it said in their requirement) and try to do 4 years (all years endorsement with B's of course)

i'm telling you the truth, knowing from first experience...do everything BEYOND RECOMMENED (all subjects), it will give you a competition form in the UC process, CSU is a bit 'down played' but now it is the same requirement as UC's but easier to grasp accepted

if you have any questions more or less UC/CSU Admissions process or any general questions about college, be aware of free to email (click on my avatar, i'll try to answer in the order of manner it be recieved as fast as i can)

Good Luck Source(s): I have a friend who works at UCLA Admissions Department and I also attend UCLA (3rd year)

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