"White" claiming to be "Black" on college application?

Considering "minorities" get special treatment in this country (excluding the growing minority of "whites" but slowly including the minority of males) what would be the repercussions, if any, of a "white" claiming to be "black" on their college application? It's not like you transport in a picture of yourself when applying so how would they even know... And in any case, you could be an "African American" one and only maybe your parents were from South Africa.

Any thoughts?
Yes, you are merely going to say, "Opps... I distinct the wrong box", when they discover that you're as white as an apple blossom?

They might throw out your papers, you know. The worse thing is you won't get the application fee final.
I really don't think you could get penalized for it.

If anything, you could other say you accidentally marked the wrong box for your race.

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