"Fake" Letter of Recommendation?

I would like to become an RA (Residential Assistant) for my college dorm. I just got the opportunity application last night and looking through it, I see I need to parcels of recommendation (can not be family, friends, and etc.)

This application is due no later than October 2, and 1) I would have a feeling bad asking anybody for a letter of recommendation on such a short see, and 2) I am not sure who I would even ask.

I am a 3rd semester student, and still have copies of my college resumes. If I make a copy of one of these resumes or get a relations member to write me a letter of application, what would happen?
Do they truly check up and contact the people who write these letters?
(They do ask for a phone number)

...The letter of application is lately ONE of many many steps to becoming an RA. Essays, interviews, group projects, and more are required before human being chosen.
A perfect reason for firing populace is finding out later that they falsified documents to get the job surrounded by the first place. NEVER fake any part of your applications. Is it possible that they might not catch it right away? Sure. But it is outstandingly inadvisable.

What they want from you is professional references. Have you ever worked before? They want to talk to someone who know your work record. Get letters from your former employers. For an RA position, they don't obligation your most important people as references, but if you've worked at Burger King, capture the former asst. manager to write you a letter. There's no reason to "quality bad" asking. Anyone who you've ever worked for knows that you will sometimes need references. Seriously, if you can't ask for something that simple contained by a few days, you're not really qualified for a job as RA anyway. Stop wining and get it done already.
Previous answer say it all you do have a week and if you ask the right people for the communiqu¨¦ and they have good things to say give or take a few you they should have no problem helping you out in this situation but no I personally would not want to story about a letter of recomendation especially when you are trying to win a position that you want... Be honest... and if you are worthy enough for the position you want and it's intended to be you will get it.
First of all, you have a WEEK. And if you as politely, the time shouldn't be an issue.

If they're asking for contact information, its a probability they will contact them. And as someone who works for the University, I think it is both foolish and irresponsible that you would even consider fake that. If I was hiring for the job, I would be disgusted and would not hire you.

Get a real dispatch! Ask a teacher, and TA, a former employer, and Coach. If you can't get someone like that, later you can ask your friends/family. But make sure those letters are legitimate, because if they contact your Mother, its going to look better than if they contact a Mary Smith who you've fabricated and your Mother answers the phone as your Mother!!

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