(Uni students!) What to draw from as a college going away present?

My brother's off to Uni next week and I wanted to obtain him something, I'm not quite sure what will be most useful.

I also want it to be something that he can keep and use for a few years. My budget is around lb25, or $35

Thanks for your comfort!
Toaster ovens are fire hazards within most dorms...
If he's going to be living surrounded by a place where he can cook, get him a toaster oven. They can handle seriously of microwaveable meals and small snacks like pizza bites, and they'll taste better than if they be in the microwave.

Other than that, perhaps a cheap printer or digital camera.
Does he have a webcam? For that amount, you can get him a decent one so he can stay within touch with his friends / family back home.

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