What postgraduate course should i enroll contained by to achieve me into MBA?

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I've came across a number of professionals whom own advise me that a MBA is counted worthwhile if you have management experiences lower than your belt. Fair enough i thought, so instead of enrolling to an MBA straight away with no related scope or experiences, i'm happy to undertake a postgraduate course. So can some one advise me whether to thieve a postgraduate in business administration or business management? Again i come from a science milieu and thus, lack the 'business experience', so which of the two postgraduate course will give me that 'business/managerial experiences.'
If you want to be a manager, taking more courses is not the path to do it. Find a job where you are actively managing people.

Plenty of MBAs never are manager, though. In that case, just work in your profession for a few years and consequently go after the MBA. Source(s): 15 years university admission committee
graduate adviser
Do you own experience working with people? Perhaps in a lab or some setting resembling that? Remember that the lab is a business too. What the MBA programs are looking for is some kind of background in the working world.

In any defence, there is no course of study, postgraduate or otherwise, that can give you business or managerial experience. You'd do better to turn work for Taco Bell for a year than to take more classes, if the MBA is your goal.

Moreover, most people surrounded by an MBA program do not have "related degrees". In fact most feature MBA programs go out of their way to recruit associates from a wide variety of educational and experiential background. You may be required to take some undergraduate courses as pre-requisites to starting the core classes, but this should not dissuade you. Simply talk with an acknowledgment counselor. They have undoubtedly worked with people contained by your same circumstance. Source(s): http://www.csuniv.edu/academics/graduateā€¦

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