What diploma would you involve to become an Architect?

I have a good pal who is an Architect.
His income is incredible so he tell me, and it really shows!
What qualifications would you need?
How long at university?
He told me he spent six or seven years studying.
What subjects would you need to be dutiful at?
Would virtual architecture be a good start? E.g Second Life?
Many thanks (:
You need a masters contained by architecture, or equaivalent, a pre-set number of hours of internship with a licensed architect in each nouns of study (contract documents, design development, etc.), and you need to pass a multi-part exam that can be taken over the course of several years (two, I imagine?). Source(s): Working on my NCIDQ certification (interior design). Work with architects.
Well usually schools enjoy architechture grouped into a 5-year program, but it usually does end up taking 6 years because of the overpopulation of schools now a days. They really don;t ask for certificate except that you either have a high institution record and stuff like that or that u r a transfer student. But sometimes it is reallly unyielding to get into an architechture program (a) any school. You might want to consider to get an AA level (a) a community college and then tranfering to a university or something of the sort. There is no such thing as being correct (a) a subject it has to be more of a balance between ur abilities and interests. But only just oin case be reayd to do alot of math and science. Especially Physics!! Source(s): Best friend is studying to become an architecht

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