*Please help* Trouble !?!?

Im having trouble trying to pick a job when im older, as im merely 16 but we have to decide for school a final result I would like to do something that I like, which is all of them...Alot own gone through my mind and they all seem good and what I would love and hold the ability to do, can you guys please help me narrow it down...And I Iove adjectives the ideas and I know I will have to go to University for these basically please help...Im out of my mind trying to figure out which one I like the most :/

1.Forensic scientist/Investigator
2.Interior house designer
3.FBI cop
4.Travel Hostess
5.Actress ( My drama teacher say I have the potential I just want to work out want I want )
6.Magazine publisher
Please help and choose what you think would be a good commission I have researched all of the above :) Thank you
1. To become a forensic scientist, you will need a bachelors scope in a life science (biology or chemistry), and then a masters point or higher in either bio, chem, or forensic science. So... how suitable are you at math and science. If you're good at those subjects, then this is a real possibility. If you are not, next you can scratch this from your list.

2. To become an interior designer, you'll study interior design for your bachelors degree. That's an art course. Are you polite at art? If so, then keep this as a possibility. If not, then chisel it.

3. FBI Officer - you'll need a bachelors degree, but you can major surrounded by almost anything. Depending on what you want to do in the FBI, you could pick a major that applies. For example, if you want to investigate computer crimes, you may want to major within computer science. Many FBI agents served in either the police or the military before they applied to the FBI. Does adjectives this sound appealing? If so, then keep on your account; if not, then scratch it.

4. Travel hostess. Do you tight-fisted a flight attendant? Or a cruise director on a ship? Most flight attendants have some college, but many don't have more than an associates point. These jobs are hard to get. You start out on smaller, local flights, and work your process up to the big jets.

5. Actress. Many actors have a bachelors amount in acting, theater, drama or related. It's a tough field to enter, as you know. The huge majority of actors never make it. I'm not saying this to report you not do become an actor - my husband is a professional actor. I'm just recounting you this so you can figure out if you're willing to take that risk. If you are, later great - keep it on your list. But if not, consequently scratch it.

6. Magazine publisher. What about magazine publishing do you want to do, specifically? Magazine publishing is a field, not a specific livelihood or career. Do you want to be an editor? A journalist? Or something else? You'll need to authoritarian this one down.

7. Photographer. You'd probably want to get your bachelors in art/photography to enter this field. You'd later work as a photographer's assistant for a while, and only then branch out on your own. Most photographers work freelance - they don't work for a specific company; they are self-employed. You really can make a living as a photographer, but that may plan that you are taking product shots, rather than being all artsy, to earn your living.

Which one do you consider suits you best? Think about what you're good at. Think about what I wrote re: respectively job, and whether or not you can see yourself doing those things.

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