How do i attain into the university of michigan within ann arbor?

I am a freshman in high school and i really want to draw from into the university of michigan. How do I exactly get in? Be specific
I would try the front door. If that does not work, try the side door. Source(s): Common sense
Are you in state or out of state? You'll need a 3.5+ UM GPA (calculated by averaging your core dry classes from soph and junior year) but preferably more like a 3.8, and high ACT or SAT scores, depending on what you pinch. You'll also want to join some academic clubs and try to gain leadership positions if you can, and throw surrounded by volunteer work wherever you can fit it (summer maybe?). Beyond that, take the most rigorous courses offered to you that you can bar. They will know what academic opportunities were available to you and how masses you took advantage of, so you want to take the hardest classes you can while still doing well.

Good luck! Source(s): Junior at Michigan.
I am a freshman at the U of M so I can give ya some tips! First of adjectives, are you out of state or in state? That can make a difference! Generally, U of M looks for strong academic students. So nick hard classes--honors and AP in all subjects. Work unyielding to have a really good and strong GPA (think 3.7 or 3.8 and higher). Also, prepare for testing. While examination scores aren't everything the average score is probably at the lowest a 28. I had a 30 and get in so...yeah. But this is a back up for Ivy schools so at hand are plenty of 36's walking around. AP scores should also be high. But it isn't all in the order of academics. I would play a sport and if you excel at that you could be recruited here. If sports aren't your passion achieve involved in music or some other big extracurricular. Volunteering and work experience are also strong factors. Really, just try to appear perched and well rounded. Good grades and transcripts are a must (its a HUGE university so i hate to say it but they be set to a lot here, more than the app's essays). also visit the campus--they won't know that you have but you can suggestion something in it in your app. just keep hold of up your spirit and go blue!

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