1 year at community college verbs to University?

I know most of the important details dealing with going to a community college, then transferring to a university. However, I can't give the impression of being to get a straight answer out of any advisers or university officials. Hopefully I might know how to get something here.

I'm going be attending community college soon enough, and (hopefully) going for one year. At the end of the year, I hope to enjoy 30 credits, with as many transferable as possible.

Now my question comes contained by, is it actually possible to transfer with merely 30 credits and one year of experience, or will it be required to get two years and 60 credits?

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers.
It depends on your state, and which university you are trying to win into, and also whether that university has a transfer agreement with the community college. For example, oodles community colleges in California have transfer agreements near the UC system, but they require that you complete at least 60 UC transferable units first, with a minimum GPA depending on the institution. Californians can use the website www.assist.org to find out everything in the region of transferring from a particular community college to a particular university, and other states may provide similar services on different websites.

With just 30 unit, you will not be entering as a transfer student.

Also, unless you have an excellent reason for wanting to verbs to a university so quickly, it's better to do as many units as possible at a community college, where on earth units are a lot less expensive, classes are typically smaller, and courses are recurrently easier than at the university level. Additionally, universities have like mad more freshman and sophomores than they can accommodate, so basically the first two years at university are for weeding students out. I know some people perceive ashamed or embarrassed about going to a community college, as if they couldn't get into university, but reflect about all the money you're saving taking your time approaching that. Source(s): assist.org

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