Struggling to choose an English course, facilitate please.?

I have the option of English Language, English Literature and Combined (Both Language and Literature)

I am just curious to what adjectives employers prefer and which courses are more interesting, and also the easiest.

Thanks guys.
None of them will be easy!

It really is down to your own personal interest. I don't think that employer will value one over the other (unless of course you want to work in academia surrounded by one of those areas) so choose which interests you more. I did my degree in straight English Lit, because literature was my love and I wasn't really that interested in language. It will also depend on what your chosen university offers; some English courses, for example those at Oxford and Leeds, are combined lit and talking. Others, for example at York and Cambridge, are literature only. Some may offer both options. So attain investigating and just see which courses look the most interesting to you! Source(s): Have an English Lit degree.

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