Gaining Residency In California?

Yeah so like i can't tell if this a question or not lol

I summit similar to all the information needed to my college to gain residency in cali but like they save emailing back about how oh the things you provided isnt before this date so you cant gain residency

afterwards i provided new information showing i was here in cali in the past that certain date and now they are emailing me back maxim they need state income tax from my parent showing im not claimed as a depended in Texas?

but Im single 19, i have no job yet, and my parent are providing me money and paying for the bills at the house that i live surrounded by cali

so just because my parents arent living with me does that mean i cant gain within state status or something?

i mean what do these college want from me i been living in cali for over a year, i took a course end year, and i even provided them info showing the address/dates needed to be shown anyone else have these type of problems?
Generally, you have to have graduate from high school in California to get hold of the in state tuition rate. And lable to prove you live din the state at least a year before later.

California is essentially broke so they are denying the in state tuition rate right now for anyone where the skin is not iron clad.
This can be beat but it will not be easy.
Unfortunately, they are going to do everything that they can to deny your claim for residency. If you haven't been working surrounded by California for the year you've been there and you've taken classes while you've been in that, you probably won't get residency. Also, if your parents are paying your way still you probably won't be granted residency. In order to qualify you will inevitability to get a full-time job and pay California state taxes for a year and several adjectives finanical ties with your parents. They need to stop claiming you and paying your bills.

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