12th and 13th Edition Gardner's Art Through the Ages?

I took Art History last semester and now I'm taking the second part, from 1400-Now. Of course, to build my life harder, they got a new edition of the book from afterwards to now and I just found out in my first class. I digit that the only difference will be in the last chapter, when the closing four years will be included. Anyway, does anyone know what/how big the differences are between the 12th and 13th(Vol.2) Editions are? Because I really don't have another 100 dollars to spend. Thanks.
Usually they just add a chapter or two or it may be contained by a different order. I sold textbooks for a while and the main difference is the cover of the book. LOL. Ask your professor is he/she fine with you using the old edition and go for it. If nearby happens to be a new chapter ask a friend or classmate can you view their book. (not copy) Source(s): Textbook Manager for a while

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