10 points to anyone who can offer a college student design to generate money?

I'm in college and would like to make some extra money...My roommate is going to try selling Avon products around campus. Can you expect of any ways I can make money? I have to wait until subsequent semester to get an on-campus job, and since my school is within a rural area, there aren't really opportunities rotten campus (babysitting, stores/retail outlets, etc.) So...I would be really grateful to anyone who has unique ideas!
Thank you within advance!
Efusjon Energy Club....This is a adjectives edge company with a new product. Healthy dash drink with many health benefits! In incredible company next to incredible leaders. They pay you for your hard work and making it what it is in such a little. The comp plans is copywrighted so there is no other like it. I have just been doing this a couple of months and it is a blast! This company is launching in canada soon and will take rotten like a rocketship. If you are looking to start a business with very little investment (and big return) This is the right company for you. No big hype, only all buzz and it is making its way across America. If you like the rate it forward attitude, you will love this company. That is what it is all about. Source(s): Http://www.efusjonteamscottsdale.com
As a college student, you may want to make money on the web by simply writing articles. I've been involved in Internet writing for over two years and will start out by saying that to spawn money on the net can be tough. Of course making money easy online is seldom a reality, but if you can write at adjectives, and want to make money on the net with it, you may want to look into Associated Content.

They income up to $20 for each 400 word partner call article, a flat $4.00 for each word article, and up to $6.50-$7.00 or so for each regular category article. Making money easy with them is totally realisitc unlike so various so called ways to "make money on the net."

I lately read an article from a guy who makes $160.00 a day with Associated Content. I've be making about $120.00 a day so I've been following his methods so I can product even more. Here's his site below if you want to get started with it. Associated Content is totally free to join btw. Source(s): http://makingmoneyeasy-ac.com/?page_id=125
If you want to make money on the internet, try the Easiest Home Business
You advertise other peoples products and earn commission
It really depends on which year you are in college and if you hold any textbooks left from your old courses. You can market your textbooks from the internet on site like ebay, amazon, valorebook, etc.

Another way is setup a website and put up for sale things??
Drugs. lol Jokes.

um buy wholesale from sites like COACH purses and sell them for more. Make some profit.
maybe you can try asking for some species of job inside the campus,
You can make money by being a well brought-up dancer,working hard at school when you wil find a good duty,taxis,a farmer.washing other peoples cars,have a company of making fruit juice,making toys,drinks,connecting Internet and a hair or dresing sallon shops.(Now these are my ideas please dispatch me a message if you like them) my name is CLEMENT

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