Any information on Alpha Kappa Alpha at Rutgers University New Brunswick?

Does anyone know anything about AKA at RU NB? I was thinking about joining but I haven't be able to find anything about them online. Are they active on campus? Do they own a reputation on campus? Any info would be helpful. Thanks
Simply to answer that question, yes! They are active on the campus! Do you know any of the member on campus, if so I would reach out to the existing chapter. I have meet a few from Rutgers contained by New Brunswick. Regarding Information, you can obtain that from your school. You should research Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. for the general information and look at the chapter to see if here values counteract with our history. Hope that answers your question. Source(s): Active financial undergraduate member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.
One to item to know which is important, that the AKAs started at Howard University. Go on-line and research AKAs. There's plenty of information on that sorority. Also think about the Delta's, another crucial thing...The Delta's also started at Howard University. Another idea is to go online to the Howard University website. There's profoundly of information regarding both sororities on their website. Good Luck !!

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