How to identify fix professor?

I need to verify a person who is trying to impersonate a character of an AI professor. After have several discussions I was able to understand that he do not know even the ABC's of computing.

Since we live within a developing country (Sri Lanka) our government officials are not that wise to identify a impersonator. By allowing him to stay contained by the same position will bring plenty of unfortunate results for certain.

He is pretending that he come from The University of Adelaide Australia.
Simple. If he couldn't teach even the simplest of lessons in the subject, or it's discernible that he's incapable of teaching the subject, then he's probably fake. Another entity, if he really studied in the University of Adelaide, try asking who his mentors were, or make him cite 5 or more places at hand whichever are his favorite hangouts (if you don't have background in the region of University of Adelaide, try researching in their site before asking the questions)!

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