MED SCHOOL STUDENTS or those who know them, how did you acquire agreed?

Hello, I'm going to apply to med schools next spring, and I be just wondering if med students could answer any or all of the following question:

What med school are you attending?
What score did you capture on the MCAT?
Where did you go for your undergrad, and what was your GPA?
Do you approaching the school you're at?
Any advice contained by general?

What type of extracurriculars, volunteering, researching, jobs, etc. did you enjoy?

Answers:    I haven't been accepted nonetheless, but most likely University of Michigan or an Ivy League.

36S 11 11 14 for Ps Vs and Bs

4.13 GPA at Arizona State University, Barrett Honors College

I love it

Take an arts minor, I'm biochem and dance

I'm the president of a mentoring tidiness for inner city middle schoolers. I am active in the salsa community, I have a research grant within a laboratory, I work for Kaplan tutoring, I volunteered over 500 hours at hospitals.

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