Saint Peter's College Freshmen Orientation?

I just wana here what some of the incoming freshmen have to read out about the orientation, if they've gone or are something like to go. Because Im a little retiring about not knowing anyone.

Answers:    I'm not associated with Saint Peters, but I used to work surrounded by a college orientation office. Just needed to let you know that there is no inevitability to be nervous. Orientations are set up to be smooth processes. You will be escorted around campus and introduced to fellow students and professors. Its okay that you don't know anybody, you'll have plenty of structured opportunity to meet people contained by a non-intimidating way. Believe me, you will not be the only one within who doesn't know anybody or who is nervous.
Good luck at SPC, you don't need to know anyone because your going to bump into lots of students at the sleepover. I'm assuming that's what you mean. Pool party, movie hours of darkness, comedy standup, relay games, etc. thats what you'll be doing, so don't worry.

I went to SPC and the freshmen location was filled near a lot of activities, which aren't really fun to be honest, but i digress. The friends you get at the orientation will most likely not be the ones you speak near through the year, but atleast you may talk to people.

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