8th Grade Georgia History Curriculum?

Question:Georgia State History is taught in the 8th grade. I would like to pursue this instead of just doing another round of US History. We live in an area that is centrally located for great field trips. My problem is that my boys are very book oriented and I can't find one. Does anyone know a good Geogia History 8th grade text? Or does anyone know which texts are used in public schools?

This isn't a text, but Alpha Omega has the Switched On Schoolhouse state history CD-rom programs.

Have you contacted the state history organization? In my former state they published a wonderful state history text.
Make your own! Set aside a MY State Notebook. Check out the GA governor's page for printouts on state symbols, and timelines/ basic facts. You can also google my state unit study. Google GA as well.

Check the State historical society.

Go to the library and check out the GA books -- there should be several or they should be able to inter library loan them. These are usually much more interesting than textbooks anyhow.Check for books on the history of the state/timelines as well as biographies(these help kids really get a feel for what life was like at that time), short stories, famous Georgians, and other genres. Science books on the different flora/fauna in the state, Audubon guides,etc.

Then do field trips - Callaway Gardens, Stone Mountain, Andersonville, Warm Springs,Fort Benning, Fort Stuart, the coast, places like that. You can just go cause you feel like or it or wrap them around your studies at the time - which period of history you're in. You may find it takes you the whole year as you go off on tangents! The civil war, President Roosevelt, President Carter, crops, etc. The possibilites are endless and can be done surface or deep!

Done this way you will cover history, social studies, science, reading, literature, etc.

Have fun!

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