Am I stupid?

Question:I've only graduated 9th grade. I'm 18. I've read about 30 books in my. They ranged from 200 pages to 500 pages. Working on a 600 paged book. Oh, and I think Chinese people look really similar. Does that make me stupid?

Well... normally a stupid person doesn't ask this questiĆ³n.
May you are just insecure and maturing.
Not stupid, but uneducated. Get to work!
yes u r
you asked, so I answer.
The word stupid is merely a word people call each other when frustrated.
I can say that if people do what you suggest, then I would consider then a slow learner, and that they haven't learned to study properly, and their concentration has been affected.
nope, but finish school or you'll be left behind socially and financialy. if ur older, get ur ged.
You are seeking knowledge. That is a wonderful attribute. The other things do not make a difference. Read read read.
My father only had grade nine but he read constantly and I would never have thought of him as stupid. He was one of the wisest people that I have ever known and such a wide variety of general knowledge!
As for the Chinese people looking similar. It is simply because we have not adjusted our eye to the differences but look only at the general appearance. I had a funny thing happen to us on a tour in China. Our group had pictures taken and the Chinese staff were to return them to the correct people at dinner. They got all the blonde people mixed up because apparently, all white people look alike!
Depends on your point of view don't you think?
do you think that u r stupid?? if u think u r then u r and if u dont then u are not.
i think ur frustrated ..than stupid!
My stepdaughter graduated from public high school at age 18 without knowledge and with 20 credits. She had learned early in her schooling that she could do very little and 'get by'. She cheated herself.
She is 20 years old now. She could teach herself with the resources we have in our home, but she continues to 'get by'.
After giving that example, I will tell you that you are only 'stupid' if you stop learning. Keep working on the 600 page book.
Education does not stop on your 18th birthday. It is never too late to be 'smart'.
No but you need to get going on your education!
I don't know. How many front teeth are missing in your mouth and do you have more or less than 6 babies, each from a different father.
The correct answer I suppose is to tell you that no question is stupid.oh but you didn't ask that did you? Don't be down. Maybe it's the same as "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" you can be ugly but keep believing you're beautiful. I hope I haven't confused you...
You are not stupid. You are fairly uneducated right now, but you can change that. The fact that you have been reading books that long shows something. Get to work, and you can succeed.
Sadly, stupid people don't even think that they are stupid, so I would have to say no, your not stupid. Buckle down and get your school work done so you can graduate and get that self ego built up!!
are you bragging?

just because you haven't graduated doesn't mean you're stupid, but it depends on alot of factors, like are you actually trying? if not, then you're not stupid, just not making smart choices. and even if you are stupid, you can get help... talk to your consular or someone that can help you.

but yeah, Chinese people do look similar, it's confusing:)
No, you aren't stupid. Many gifted people don't graduate high school. I would recommend going to a community college to get your diploma or GED, then continue on with your college career.
I've seen plenty of stupid people graduate from college and plenty of smart people lacking a formal education. There are ways to get a non-traditional education. School isn't what makes people smart or stupid.

Do you have parents around or someone that can sort of mentor you to help you have the skills you need to learn and work? Do you have a job? Are you in the United States?

When you're doing all this reading, try to focus in on something that can help you develop a skill that you can use in the work world. There are a lot of books out there that can help you. Try 48 Days to the Job you Love. Then take the steps you need to get to that job. You probably should think about getting your G.E.D. just so you can enjoy that feeling of accomplishment. Your local school system can help you out with that.

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