Anyone who's familiar with geo. texts (teachers)?

Question:These are two books by Ray C. Jurgensen. They have different ISBNs, but they're by the same author and publisher. Are they the same inside? Thanks!

The red cover on alibris is an older edition of the same book: 1987 publishing date. The brownish cover on bestwebbuys has newer copyright dates.

As far as content--textbook publishers change small things, such as end of chapter questions, chapter quizzes, example problems, exercise problems. Not enough to be super noticeable, but enough to make the teacher editions or answer keys not compatible with other publishing dates.

If you are using the book to brush up on your geometry, it wouldn't matter.

If you are buying the book for a homeschooling or private tutorial situation and you need a teacher manual or answer key for it, get the right teacher edition that matches the student text.

If you are purchasing the book for a class where you will need to turn in assignments, get the one the teacher requires!!
The second one (bestwebbuys) is a newer edition.

However, I reccommend the older (alibris) edition. Some of the content is different in the two books and the older edition is clearer and I think better.

I highly reccommend this book! It's great fun as well as great to learn from! ;-)

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