Are there studies that show ADHD and aspergers kids perform better in a home school setting?

If you have access to a university library, you should be able to look up the article referenced below. I found it on the ERIC website (link in sources below). Best wishes to you and your child.

Title: A Preliminary Investigation of the Effectiveness of Homeschool Instructional Environments for Students with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivit... Disorder

Journal: School Psychology Review, v33 n1 p140-158 2004

Authors: Duvall, Steven F.; Delquadri, Joseph C.; Ward, D. Lawrence

The study only looked at 4 elementary-aged children (2 boys and 2 girls).

From the abstract: The results indicated that homeschool students were academically engaged about two times as often as public school students and experienced more reading and math gains. The key variable appeared to involve student to teacher ratios that existed between the two settings.
Makes no difference. ADD & ADHD are nothing more than undisciplined children of lazy parents. Foot in butt cures this overnight!
Why do you keep asking the same question over and over again? I think you need to do some research on yahoo community guidelines.
I don't actually know of any studies, but hear repeatedly from homeschooling parents of how their kids have benefited. In all of the cases I personally know, the kids were in public school to begin with. When the parents pulled them out, all of the kids had noticeable behaviour improvement the first year, if not the first half-year.

This is but anecdotal evidence, yet the fact that all of them (I think I presently know 5 families personally; that doesn't include families I just know online) improved and that they had the experience of both milieus does provide some evidence that homeschooling *can* be better. As in all situations, there's never a guarantee! It's going to depend on the home environment, parentings skills, approach to homeschooling...

I'll also add that 2 of the kids were on meds for ADD/ADHD, they were also both on stress meds: 1 was able to come off the meds completely the first year of homeschooling and the other was able to get off one of the meds and have the other significantly reduced. (Sad to say, both these kids were no older than grade 2/3 when they were put on these drugs!)
Don't know of any studies, but know of personal experience. My son does better at home. I can deal with his silliness...most of the time. It is different dealing with one child who has trouble concentrating and being a distraction than dealing with 30 or so children and over half of them having trouble concentrating and distracting each other.
ADHD is a medically testable problem so the guy above with his foot in his butt is totally wrong.

ADHD kids probably would do better with home schooling, but I have reservations about aspergers. With aspergers, the goal is to teach social skills even more so than academics. Most home school parents can handle the academic training, but unless they are specifically qualified to work with young aspies, then I would say they should leave it to the pros.

Home schooling nearly always reduces the child's stress levels, but unless that's a primary concern, it shouldn't be the considered.

Lastly, it all boils down to the teaching skills of the parents. I know several success stories, but one was a total failure and the county forced her to put her kids back in school.

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