Any kids who homeschool in Oregon give me your opinion?

Question:I want to homeschool my 12 year old this year in Oregon City
Can you give her some encouragement. Are you isolated?
what are the fun things about it? opportunities? We are LDS

I grew up right outside of Salem, and I went to a private christian school that worked specifically with homeschooling curriculum. I also did alot of the work at home too, since it was already prepped for me.

The really great things about schooling at home... I loved being able to get up and not have to worry about having the perfect outfit on, to be sure my hair was perfect, and that I could get my schoolwork done in about half the time as the other kids going to public school. When I took my SATs, creamed them. It teaches you how to find your own answers, not just depend on teachers to tell you what you should know.

After I finished my work, I had plenty of time to get ready for the day. I also had a horse, and would go out to the stable she was boarded, and work with her before anyone even got out of school. Then, I would hang out with my friends after they got out, and go shopping, or to youth groups, or rollerblading ( I loved agressive rollerblading, then switched to longboarding).

The truth of it is, you only become isolated if you choose to. So many things open up to you as well when you homeschool. You don't have to become a dork, or a geek, or unsocial. You are still you, and if the friends you have now don't hang out with you anymore, trust me, and I'm not your mom, that they aren't worth your time. You will be able to take classes at the gym or karate during the day, they usually have programs specifically for other homeschoolers. And, you can even choose to take classes with other college students at local community colleges and some 4 year universities when you are only 16.

Plus, being envolved with church, you will have youth groups, summer camps and all the other outings.

Above all, just remember that your mom cares enough to give you all of her during the day, and to be sure that you have all that you need to suceed. Not very many people have that. I know, sounds like a mom saying, right? It's coming from someone who didn't have that kind of mom.

Get involved, do volunteer work, and besides having an instant reward (knowing that you are helping others), when you apply to colleges, and take your SATs/ACTs, you will be ahead of those around you.
I'm not in Oregon (florida actually) but I've been homeschooled my entire life (i'm 15) and it's very well worth it.
the good things:
I get to see my family every day..all day,play with my dog, study at my own times,go out alot etc.
just about all the things other kids do during the summer I do year 'round.
Plus you can decide what you want your daughter/son to learn and not the government. aka the teachers.

The bad:
Well there really isn't any...for me atleast.

Hope that helped some. X)

Oh and I don't use a curriculum. I study on my own. If I want to learn something..lets say a language I could get like an online course which I'm going to be taking for art.
If you look around really good you'll find places that have cheapish courses that don't cost a whole ton of money.
home schooling means your child misses out on precious social interaction with there peers.
unless your a qualified educator what you teach your child is not the same as a qualified person

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