Anybody have a really good online resources for teaching sex-ed to a 13-year-old boy?

Question:My kid is skipping 8th grade and will miss the public school instruction. I can teach him what I know about the mechanics but I'm looking for an accredited outline, if there is any such thing, so I don't forget anything.

Not online no but How to Talk to your kids about Sex is a good book, also the series that starts with The Story of Me, etc are great for reading together. This isn't a subject you can delegate to others - even online.
There are good books available in Family (Christian) Book Stores
Just give him a playboy and the rest he'll figure out lol. I know more about sex from the internet and magazines then my parents could ever tell me.
You need to teach him your values. I know Abeka has a great curriculum in their health books. I would not have allowed my daughter to participate in sex-ed at school even if she where there, simply because a lot of it does not line up with our values at home. She definitely knows what out there, we have very open and honest conversations, but I also teach along side it that the heart can't be guarded by a condom.

You may be interested in the following article as well.
I have no recommendation on "sex" education on line.
I do not believe there is such a program that is "accredited", unless you are looking for a basic Health curriculum.
Try looking into Abeka, Bob Jones, or check

With our sons we focus on character education first, self respect, and respect for the opposite sex.
We teach that common health ailments associated with relations outside of marriage, or with multiple partners are contracted because of the misinformed, and the sinful choices people make.

This is the best time to be diligent about teaching self control, and that it can be a disaster to make such life altering decisions based on "feelings".
Just like crushes, feelings come, and go. Then what?

We teach that if they respect themselves, and others, they will not go there because there are consequences.
No matter what the so called "sex educators" will tell them about protection, and contraceptives, they do not seem to touch on the emotional fall out that effects young people for the rest of their lives.
This part of "sex education" is what is either overlooked, or forgotten most often.

Some good book choices are:
Every Young Mans Battle
ages 14 and up.
by: Stephen Arterburn, Fred Stoeker & Mike Yorkey
It focus is on the temptation young men face everyday, and how to achieve sexual purity.
It does come with a workbook if you would like to make it into a study.

Tribe: A Warrior's Heart
Ages 12 to 16.
by: Michael Ross& Manfred Koehler

Sex is not the problem lust is.
(PG rated) Ages 12 and up.
By Joshua Harris.

I Kissed Dating Goodbey
Ages 12 and up.
by: Joshua Harris.
This also comes in VHS or DVD.

Try the library and see if they carry these, or use inter library loans to see if you think the books are worth buying.

If you decide to buy we ordered them from:
This is a whole sale company that sells to home school families as well.
The few minutes it takes to set up an account are well worth the savings.

Good luck, and God bless.
Not exactly sure, but I do recall at this one middle school they picked on girl to wear a phony belly to see what it was like to be pregnant. She had to do this for several weeks on the bus, technically at home I suppose.

I found it quite novel.
Just talk to him, I never had sex ed but I know how the parts work and how to be responsible.

Actually, either let him come to you or wait until he has his first girlfriend or something. Then all you really need to tell him is:

1) Use a condom
2) Tell him a couple ways STDs can be transmitted
3) Tell him 1 a few million more times

It's not that complicated, you don't need an accredited outline.
I do not know of any online program for this. I also do not think this is a required course for graduation so it basically is your discretion if you choose to teach this as an elective. This topic is highly subjective so I would do research to determine if their approach agrees with yours.
I can however, recommend this:
What every Young Man needs to know is a book with study guide. You can track the time and work in your records in order to count it towards an elective.

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