AS Maths Textbooks?

Question:I'm trying to get a headstart on AS Maths (seeing as I've just finished my GCSEs) - I've been told that I'm going to be taking the following modules next year (I'm doing Maths and Further Maths for A-level):


Are there any really good textbooks out there that cover all of the above modules or do I have to buy separate textbooks for all of them?

I'd appreciate textbooks that explain everything step-by-step (rather than have just plenty of practice questions), which are simple enough so that I could understand them by myself with GCSE level maths.

If it helps, I took Edexcel IGCSE Maths, in which I should have got 85%-95%

This should help
It's a project for putting online a full u.k. maths curriculum including textbooks - free!
The A level Section is under development, but should still be useful. :)
Have a look in Waterstones - they have got a large selection of Textbooks. If you can ask your school/college which Textbook they will be getting you to use, or which one they recommend to compliment what they will be teaching you from.
At our school we use Heinemann textbooks for maths and they are quite good they go through examples step by step and tell you how to do something and then give you quite a few questions based on the examples that they have just shown you. The books also contain some past exam questions. I would recommend you also get the CGP revision guide as well because I used these two books together for my exams and they were quite helpful.

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