Answer asap!!What are some highschool online homeschooling programs for ohio?

Question:What are some highschool online homeschooling programs for teens in ohio?
ones that provide a computer, printer, etc.
homeschooling programs that or free or cost money
i already know about ohdela

OHVA is ranked number one for statewide virtual public schools. THey would probably be your best bet.
I just learned about one that is a national program: Keystone National High School. They're based in PA, but they seem to be available nationwide.
How about Abeka? Ok, this is what they do, about 1-3 years ago they filmed the class room of the grade your in, and they send you the dvd's of the class, so it's like you're there, but...not. It's pretty cool! they have the same work books that you would use, they give you quizes and tests and homework, and projects. So I mean it's just like going to public school, only they cut out the parts when someone gets in trouble, some one comes in the room, they skip everything that will slow you down. If you start the day of scool at 8:00 and keep going, taking a break for lunch of course, you would get done, home work and all, at about 3:00. check out their website below-
OHVA uses the K12 curriculum:
You should be able to check with your State Board of Education. They are obligated in publishing what is available for homeschooling as should your District level.
Also check with low-income programs around your local or state area.
check out OHVA..they use the K12 curriculum. I use COVA, which has the exact same curriculum, but it's based out of Colorado. Hope this helps!

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