What book hold you used to give support to discuss sex beside your sons?

I'm thinking of buying "Almost 12" by Kenneth Taylor. I'm planning on doing a unit study on human anatomy and I thought it would be great to include a discussion on sex.
What book would you recommend?

My sons are 9 & almost 11. They own no problems talking to me in the region of this subject so far.

Answers:    My son just turned 10 and final year I got him these two books:

_So You're About to Become a Teenager_? By Dennis & Barbara Rainey and Samuel & Rebecca Rainey.



_Preparing for Adolescence_ by Dr. James Dobson


Just to make a note of - the first one is against masterbation and the second says it's okay. I read out that in satchel one or the other matters to you.

My son be SO relieved after reading these books. He was emergence to fear individual a pre-teen before reading them. I did pre-read them. I completed up getting them at a great time, as he started puberty signs before his 10th birthday. The books allowed my DH and I to hold lots of open discussion next to him. He already understood adjectives the anatomy and what sex was, and how it happen. He just needed to know what be going to happen to his body.
I have a sneaking suspicion that just discussion with them sympathetically is better than any book.. I also think a well-mannered book for them to read would be "The Measure of a Man" by Sidney Poitier.
Keep up the good work. My son is 19 and still comes to me to discuss.
The B-i-b-l-e, yes, that's the book for me!
These are the books that be recommended to us. We saw them at a parenting seminar we recently go to.


We have an interested dialog with my oldest right immediately, so this hasn't been required, but my youngest seems to be for a moment more complicated.

Good luck.
I have two boys, 26 and 12. I've used Josh Harris'; "True Love Waits."

My boys enjoy really liked this series. It have books to discuss why to wait for sex (physical, turbulent, social, biblical). What to do if you choose NOT to wait. The series is hugely good at address my boys' feelings and helping them to recognize that they are not alone. Then as Jay got elder (and when Toby is) the series continued with, "How I kissed dating pious bye". It helped him to date "safely". They give good planning and tips to keep from getting into situations that be to tempting. YET, give him arenas to practice being beside girls.

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